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Welcome to BAY STUDIOS+

Hello, I'm Julia, and I’d like to welcome you to your new home for Pilates. This is a space created with every individual and body in mind to explore movement, find support, and feel a sense of community from the comfort of your home.

For the past decade, I've taught Pilates to thousands of clients internationally and in my Helsinki-based studio, always striving to make this practice accessible to everyone. Now, no matter where you are in the world, you can find space for your practice.

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Move with us

Start by building a solid foundation with our Techniques Series that breaks down the essentials of alignment and breathing so you can make the most of your practice.

Then, build your practice with our library of classes at your own pace. Whether you're looking to enhance strength, improve flexibility, or target specific muscle groups, there’s a class for every level.

Class Type


Short sessions that focus on specific muscles, crafting a workout that's uniquely yours. Combine them as you wish, and cultivate strength where it matters most.

Class Type


A holistic Pilates journey, enhancing your connection to self and space. With seamless transitions and captivating music, feel stronger, more open, and profoundly connected.

Class Type


Soothe and restore with gentle care. Through a blend of mobility, stretching, and restorative techniques, find tranquility, unwind from the day’s stress, and emerge with a renewed sense of peace.

Class Type


Ignite your endurance. Experience a high-energy fusion of Pilates and plyometrics drills, all paced to heart-pumping music. Embrace the challenge, relish the sweat, and overcome your limits.

Recommended classes to begin with

Accessible and effective workouts highlighting our different class types

Total Body Strength

Discover a path to strength and balance in just 15 minutes through a series of simple yet powerful floor-level movements.


Simple Core Strength

Get back to basics with a simple, yet impactful core workout. With every mindful movement, feel your abdominal layers waking up.


Upper Body Release

Unleash your potential with this class aimed to stretch and twist your spine, trunk, and shoulders in ways you've never thought possible.


3D Glute Burn

Empower your gluteus muscles from all angles, all while fostering a holistic connection throughout your body.


Build your foundations with technique series

Establish a solid foundation for your practice with short and effective technique tutorials


Confused over the 'when' and 'how' of breathing in Pilates? Enhance your practice by unraveling the technique of proper breathwork.

Neutral Spine

Dive deeper into your Pilates practice by understanding the neutral positions of the spine and pelvis.

Chest Curl

Master the Chest Curl, a foundational element of many Pilates exercises. By understanding its nuances, you'll deepen your core work.

All Fours Position

In Pilates, we often find ourselves in hands-and-knees positions, making it critical to perfect the specifics for better efficacy.

Side Glute Work

Sometimes, the smallest adjustments in position can significantly impact how we activate and feel the muscles in our body.

Back Extension

Explore greater mobility in an area of your body that often craves more attention: your spine, particularly the upper back.