Experience the best of online Pilates classes

Experience the best of online Pilates classes

Immerse yourself in the world of mat Pilates online and feel the difference.

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Professionally-led Pilates workouts designed with you in mind

Our on-demand Pilates classes are personally crafted by Julia Oravisto, a seasoned Pilates instructor, ensuring each session is inspiring, engaging, and strengthening. We focus on intuitive and accessible classes that go beyond mere aesthetics to tap into purpose-driven movements that will elevate your practice.

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On-demand Pilates classes for every level, from beginners to advanced

Explore movement, develop your skills, or find a moment for your breath, all on your own schedule. Whether you’re a beginner starting online Pilates with our Foundations series or a life long practitioner looking for advanced Pilates exercises that will challenge you, there is a Pilates workout for every fitness level, mood, and moment in life.

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Short classes that focus on specific muscles, crafting a virtual Pilates workout that's uniquely yours. Combine them as you wish, and cultivate strength where it matters most.

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A holistic Pilates journey, enhancing your connection to self and space. With seamless transitions and captivating music, feel stronger, more open, and profoundly connected.

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Soothe and restore with gentle care. Through a blend of mobility, stretching, and restorative techniques, find tranquility, unwind from the day’s stress, and emerge with a renewed sense of peace.

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Ignite your endurance. Experience a high-energy fusion of Pilates and plyometrics drills, all paced to heart-pumping music. Embrace the challenge, relish the sweat, and overcome your limits.

Practice Pilates anytime, anywhere

We aim to provide the best online Pilates classes, delivering guided and beginner-friendly mat workouts so you can work out at home on any device, whenever you choose.

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